Letter From The EditorHey, you ever been low? You ever get fucked real good? Just opened up and entered, sliced and diced, cut so bad that your guts fall out like pale-pink streamers for your feet's sweet sixteen houseparty? Yikes, man, yikes... It's a rough ticket out there. Dagger (editor: Don Jolly, publisher: Matthew James) is a magazine that knows the score. It's been around the block, walked the hard concrete, sat sinning in the shade with a little girl from Cumberland... It's also a website, not a magazine, but what the hell. On paper what I got at college was an "education," not an incurable pile of debt. Words are flexible.

Like a magazine, Dagger comes in issues -- a new one every month. But like a website, it updates once a week, on Wednesdays. Every issue will contain four stories. Some will be serialized, others won't. The stories below, comprising our first issue ("God is Real") were mostly written for the MDE subreddit during the last few months of the 2016 presidential campaign. They're all either about videogames or politics and reading them is a gauranteed belly-laff, a real black chuckle... enjoy

Gunsmoke Charly : The Lost InterviewA treat for MDE fans... an exclusive interview with Charles Carrol (of MDE and bombstrap) conducted in december of 2015, right as the election started sizzilin....
Final Reality & Fragrant Story a hard-hitting double post by Max Roderick and anon...  videogames, god and cum
EditorialJoe Bernstein Is Invinciblearchive of editorial originally posted to MDE subreddit about Buzzfeed's response to the World Peace T.V. show
ShortAwkward Night At The Illuminati Pre-Teen Sex Party 100% true and verfied description of hillary clinton's reaction to losing the election. Washington Post Approved Real News
PostIf You're Voting For Trump This Might Change Your Mindshocking news for trump supporters

Next Issue
Next month Dagger hits up feudal Japan for an amazing, four-part novella of swordplay, intrigue, racism and good clean fun with the Bush family... On February 1st, join us at daggermag.com for SWORD OF TRUMP

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