James Rhodes was probably created in the 1970s!

this was written during the election and addresses itself to one of those 2-3 day news cycles that everyone has probably forgotten now and that nobody in the future should go through the trouble of reconstructing. what the hell. when i first posted this is got some heat for being anti-trump and for being anti-hillary 

It's 45 days until the election. Boy, time flies, huh? We've all been having a real good time, I think, yelling at each other and threatening to start a second, way worse civil war, and that tension has even found its way to our comments section here at Huffington Post. but that's good, really. that's democracy.

Like a lot of you here, I was a big supporter of Donald Trump. I liked the way he openly mocked his dull-ass politico opponents, brutally bullying them with highschool tactics I once employed myself. I liked watching Jeb Bush try to defend himself from rude but undeniable attacks like "Jeb's gay" and I loved watching journalists brand Trump as Hitler only to find that, like Hitler, he's an order of magnitude more popular than the profession of journalism. I've basically been having one big, sweet laugh since last September. In my twilight years I'll look back on this cycle as "the good times"

But something changed my mind the other day, and I wanted to share it with all of you. I was watching a new "viral video" -- that's a video that gets tons of likes and shares on the internet! -- put out by my favorite film director: Joss Whedon. (Joss made some real classics: Buffy? Firefly? Get the DVDs and thank me later)
Anyway, this video is pretty "nerdy," so it might not make sense to everyone. here's the link. (http://www.xvideos.com/video10588224/house_party_whore_degraded_and_pissed_on)

Basically, all these actors are superheroes. That's right…they play the Avengers in this really cool series of movies I like called Marvel's The Avengers, based on these cool comics also called The Avengers and also by Marvel. We got all the classics here: The Incredible Hulk is the guy who doesn't want to get naked (lol), Black Widow is the girl, Iron Man is kind of at the center of it (he's like Marvel's Superman) and the black woman with loud, frizzy hair isn't a superhero but I think she's on Dan Harmon's hilarious show Community -- which makes her even better, imo…

Anyway the thing that really stuck out to me wasn't Iron Man…it was Iron Man's black friend. Those of you that don't read comics probably don't know that in the 90s they re-imagined a ton of old heroes with cool, new concepts. they gave thor a vest and a ponytail and they gave Iron Man a black semi-sidekick, who dressed up in his own Iron Man suit except it was covered with guns and missle launchers, making him a more violent alternative to his smart, white boss. Anyway the actor in the video plays that character in the movies and he's really good.


So when Iron Man's black friend told me that Donald Trump was a "racist who would fundamentally transform the nature of America," I had to listen. Unlike Iron Man, Iron Man's black friend knows what it's like to experience systematic oppression and the after-effects of slavery…he's just got some indefinable extra "flava" that makes him wise -- even wiser than Iron Man. In the movies, he was also recently cirppled by The Vision -- a robot who he thought was his friend. and why did the robot target him? Because he was black. There's a lot of unecessary violence out there towards People of Color (or PoC), and Iron Man's black friend has seen it first hand…He was flying through the air, free as a bird and not hurting anyone, when a synthoid of incredible strength shot him with a laserbeam more powerful than any power on Earth, because its source was the cosmic Soul Gem…talk about excessive force!

I'm not sure what Synthoids see but in that terrible moment I knew one thing: they see skin color. Maybe they don't see anything else. Iron Man's black friend didn't die but he was crippled. that was the human cost of Captain America's foolish "Civil War."

Iron Man's black friend has been through hell for us. He helped Iron Man save the president in Iron Man three and beat up an army of drones (that's right -- drones! these movies aren't afraid to get political) in Iron Man 2. In Iron Man one he was played by a different guy. I might have had some fun watching Donald Trump this year but, at the end of the day, I'm going to listen to my conscience on this one…and I'm proud to say that my consceince is Iron Man's black friend

Now some of you might be saying that Hillary, by promoting a no-fly zone in Syria and employing increasingly militant rhetoric against Russia throughout her campaign, is going to walk us ass-backwards into the third world war. I think that's probably true. But I also know that when that war comes Iron Man and his friends, the amazing Avengers, will be there to fight by our side…Captain America was created to fight in World War 2, and he was just about our biggest dang hero until the Civil War (my theory is that he did it because he was born in the 20s). Sometimes you just have to fight for your ideals and now is one of those times. I'm ready to be a hero, just like Jim Rhodes, the War Machine. Are you?

I'll leave you with these words of wisdom (from wikipedia):

"After the events of the 'Time War' storyline, in which Rhodes teamed up with Captain America, Bucky and Sgt. Nick Fury & his Howling Commandos to stop Neo-Nazis from sending modern weaponry to Nazi Germany, the War Machine armor was lost in the time stream. Rhodes returned to civilian life, but he ended up acquiring a brand new alien armor known as the Eidolon Warwear after meeting a mysterious woman named Skye and fighting an alien known as a Lictor."

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